July 21, Right Wing Doxology

July 21, Right Wing Doxology


Republicans worship two gods,

Both quite well-known: money and gold.

Displaying religious facades,

Their Bibles are stained green with mold.


It’s profits that rule the right wing

Which means that they screw their own base.

For them, fossil fuels are king,

Though heat smacks them right in the face.


Global warming? Still, they delay,

The GOP’s sole strategy.

They emphasize profits today

And chant fossil fuel liturgy.


Right wingers believe, who controls

Who votes and who counts is the key.

When black folks line up at the polls,

Republicans get panicky.


When science finds facts, they’re a threat

To right wingers’ and Trumpist lies.

The Covid vaccines they don’t get

Leave right wingers dying like flies.


When women assert it’s their right,

To birth control and privacy.

That’s heartburn for folks on the right,

For some, even apoplexy.


Concerning our rates of gun death…

Too many guns can’t be the cause.

Guns are a right wing shibboleth,

So, they defend their lax gun laws.


How can we save democracy,

Which Trump’s Supreme Court now assails?

Make sure that Trump’s justices see

The mistletoe on our coattails.