July 18, Voting Rights

July 18, Voting Rights


Republicans crave power, so they’re blocking voting rights.

It’s clear by now to everyone their preference is whites.

They’re not too sure of women, either; they want old white men

To do the governing, with a few “good ole boys,” thrown in.


Democracy is not for them; in fair votes, they might lose.

If all our citizens can vote, who knows whom they might choose?

So, they’ll control the process: who votes, how and where and when,

And make all voting harder for black women and black men.


They’ll close some polls; guess where? Then they’ll restrict the vote by mail,

Let legislatures throw out votes, in case such measures fail.

That should ensure right wingers rule, while a minority.

That’s just what God intended; just ask Reverend Hannity.


So, rise up, fight for voting rights, and that means everyone.

All races and religions, genders, fight until we’ve won.

We fought our Civil War, endured the KKK, Jim Crow.

Republicans now find new ways to tell black voters, “No.”


Did Union troops all die in vain?  Did Martin Luther King?

Should we let Red States throw out votes, thus crowning the right wing?

Supreme Court justices don’t seem to care, by six to three.

Democracy means, “people power;” it’s up to you and me.


The only question that remains is: what to do with Trump?

Make him dictator or give him a swift kick in the rump?

He’s crazy and incompetent: two facts that all should know.

And Mitch thinks, “If Trump goes to jail, then I can run the show.”