July 17, A Pandemic of Unvaccinated

July 17, A Pandemic of Unvaccinated


A pandemic of unvaccinated,

Of those Fox News indoctrinated,

Or from Facebook’s misinformation,

Now sweeps once more across the nation.


Why is Fox News so anti-science?

Why do they preach data defiance?

Does Facebook care whom they are killing

With crap their readership is swilling?


All the new sick and all those dying

Are partly due to Donald’s lying.

The gullible and those believing

What Trump says, are the ones now grieving.


Do they know Trump is vaccinated?

If so, why have they hesitated?

What makes these people so resistant,

Defying vaccine, so insistent?


Blockheaded, maybe, or religious?

(A vaccine is not sacrilegious.)

Resistance has become malignant

When vaccination is benignant.


Misinformation, epidemic,

Vaccine resistance, new pandemic,

As Covid spreads throughout the nation,

Which would be stopped by vaccination.