July 16, More Coup News

July 16, More Coup News


“If I was going to try a coup,

“Mark Milley, I would not choose you.”

This snide remark, how Trump replied.

(Note: Milley’s comments not denied.)  (1)


Since Donald’s madness was exposed,

We’ve found it worse than we supposed.

Trump only goal was to hang on,

Could not accept we said, “Begone!”


The vote was fair; Trump just got beat,

Although he really tried to cheat.

So, he claimed fraud; the Trump “Big Lie,”

Republicans fear to deny.


Now Red States restrict voting rights

To bias voting toward the whites.

And rule by the minority.

It’s brazen, without subtlety.


Republican obduracy,

And threat to our democracy,

To keep a nut like Trump in power,

Could bring our nation’s final hour.


What will it take to wake them up;

What will it take to shake them up;

To say “Goodbye,” to Donald Trump,

And leave him in our history’s dump?