July 15, The Coup

July 15, The Coup


Did Donald Trump try to foment a coup?

Is that what Donald was trying to do?

He lost by a lot to Biden last fall;

Now Trump’s claiming fraud and he’s tried to sue.


Beaten by Biden and badly, last fall,

Trump could not believe that he’d blown it all.

He could not believe that we’d told him, “No!”

Losing to Trump was the bitterest gall.


Trump threw a tantrum when we told him “No!”

Immature psyche that had failed to grow.

He asked the army to help save his throne;

That was somewhere that they just would not go.


Generals would not help Trump save his throne.

He went to court, there to lie, moan, and groan.

All suits were thrown out, no fraud evidence,

But Donald was like a dog with a bone.


All cases dismissed for no evidence,

And clear to bootlickers like Michael Pence.

Trump turned to a mob who swallowed his lies,

Miscreants, malcontents, or simply dense.


Trump whipped up a mob who swallowed his lies,

Proud Boys and Oath Keepers, Donald’s allies,

Who stormed the Capitol in a failed coup.

“We did it for Trump,” were their alibis.


Five people died in the Donald Trump coup.

Let’s see what penalties are coming due.

Might Trump himself be indicted this fall?

Donald, deranged, looks for someone to sue.