July 12, Onward, Anti-vaxxers  (Tune: Onward, Christian Soldiers)

July 12, Onward, Anti-vaxxers  (Tune: Onward, Christian Soldiers)


Onward, anti-vaxxers, go on to defy;

Don’t fear Covid 19; some of you won’t die.

Disregard what Fauci and the data say;

Lots of victims who have died were old farts, anyway.

You have every right to be wrong and to spread disease.

It is most important to do as you please.


Trump was vaccinated; he did not refuse.

Nor did Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News.

Tucker Carlson stirs the pot on his nightly show,

Raising vaccine doubts and fears , as deaths from Covid grow.

Covid is resurging now and ninety nine percent

Of the folks who die are vaccine hesitant.


Why is Tucker Carlson stirring doubts and fears?

More folks will be dying; that’s how it appears.

Tucker won’t admit to us that he took vaccine,

For he would look two-faced, nightly on your TV screen.

Onward, anti-vaxxers, resist Fauci and the facts.

Though your death rates rise, trust Tucker and relax.