July 13, The Texas Power Grid

July 13, The Texas Power Grid


The power grid froze down in Texas;

Their government did not take note.

Instead, their right wing legislature

Sought ways of restricting the vote.


So what, if the power grid’s failing

And some poor bloke freezes and dies,

That’s no cause to start regulating,

Except for the voting franchise.


Right wingers all hate socialism

And distrust majority rule.

So, they all support legislation

To maintain minority rule.


The welfare of all of the people

Was not ordained by God above.

Restricting the brown and black voters

Is a right wing labor of love.


If people rise up in high dudgeon

And threaten to go to the polls,

Conservatives say the solution

Is keeping them off voter rolls.


The power grid freezes and fizzles

But that is not worthy of note.

If poor people die in the winter,

Then there will be fewer to vote.


And here is one last observation.

Last winter, when his people froze,

Ted Cruz took vacation in Cancun:

Their problems, no skin off his nose.