January 7, The Sick Narcissist

January 7, The Sick Narcissist


It’s because Donald Trump’s a sick narcissist,

That we understand why he has to insist

That Joe Biden stole the election from him

And the Trumpists must sing that mendacious hymn.


And because Trump is sick, he cannot admit

That he just got beaten and by quite a bit.

Instead Trump hatched a plot to try something new,

And it was seditious, as his lawyers knew.


So, based on the Big Lie, that Trump really won,

That Joe Biden cheated, which he had not done,

The Trump plotters resolved to overturn votes

And trash the Capitol, (just like the Redcoats.)  (1)


But then Mike Pence spoiled Trump’s new plot to win;

The VP would stand fast, a sycophant’s sin.

It was something Trump didn’t think Mike would do.

Will the bills for his crimes now finally come due?


Trump’s mental illness just could not accept, “No,”

That we voters told him and all the facts show.

The Republicans, though, still choose to deny

That the voting was fair but back the Big Lie.


It’s their only principle: hang on to power,

And it seems that requires that they all must cower,

Kowtow to a lie, to a mind that is sick,

And be servile to Trump, whose boots they now lick.


  • The British army burned the U. S. Capitol in 1814, near the end of the War of 1812.