January 5, The Republican Party

January 5, The Republican Party


Do Republicans want a democracy?

Obeisance to Trump implies: autocracy.

And the Red State attacks on abortion rights

Impart an aroma of theocracy.


The GOP attacks on abortion rights

Make it stunningly clear, (bold type with highlights,)

Republicans look like the Party of God;  (1)

They’ve given the Party of Lincoln last rites.


Republicans look like the Party of God,

Like Hezbollah, hiding behind the façade,

That some terror tactics can be justified,

Though they cause consternation here and abroad.  (2) (3)


Can terror tactics ever be justified?

Has Donald Trump started a long downhill slide?

Could democracy’s heart cease beating some day,

A victim of murder or of suicide?


Will anti-democracy triumph some day?

Just look at the games Republicans play:

Red States have passed laws that can overturn votes,

Plus policies holding black voters at bay.


Some Red States passed laws just to overturn votes.

So, what should we think when a party devotes

So much energy to gut democracy,

And found the autocracy that it promotes?


Do Republicans want a democracy?

Or, instead do they want an autocracy?

Will the Trump Supreme Court dismantle our rights?

Installing instead a white theocracy?


  • Hezbollah, in English, is the Party of Allah or God.
  • Hezbollah exports terror around the Middle East and Europe.
  • The USA was recently downgraded from a “full democracy” to a “flawed democracy” by a research group at The Economist.