January 6-7, Speaker Kevin McCarthy

January 6-7, Speaker Kevin McCarthy


A man who stands for nothing, with his gonads in a vise,

Has been elected Speaker, though he paid an awful price.

Forced into self-castration for a job he cannot do,

Since the internecine warfare is sure to rise anew.


Though there is doubt he’s competent to do the job ahead,

There’s no one in the GOP to do the job instead.

For that requires good governance and bills to write and pass

And that is difficult when bogged down in your own morass.


The Democrats commemorated 1-6 infamy;

Republicans did not; observing Trumpist blasphemy.

Next, Kevin has to try to pass right-wing demanded rules.

We’ll have to see how much discord his next adventure fuels.


Though 1-6 was Epiphany; the Trumpists did not care.

If you search through their caucus, you will find no wise men there.

They plan no social programs but a tax cut for the rich,

They’ll deconstruct the government; drive it into a ditch.


So now the speculation is: how long can Kevin last?

(Remember Boehner and Paul Ryan, lessons from the past.)

Smart money now is betting he won’t finish out his term;

The right-wing crazies in his caucus must make Kevin squirm.


The basic plan McCarthy has is to investigate.

The budget, border, and debt ceiling will just have to wait.

Though he ignored subpoenas, he says now he’ll send them out

And then go after Fauci, casting science into doubt.


So, when you have no principles except your own prestige,

Your strategy is: keep the opposition under siege.

There’s not much else to do without a legislative plan,

Especially when all you have is Kevin as your man.