January 5, Continuing Debacle

January 5, Continuing Debacle


McCarthy’s now given the whole store away,

His shirt and his pants, underwear on display.

The rebels desire: Kevin out in the cold

So all Kevin’s proven is he can be rolled.


The rebels want nothing except to obstruct.

They’re leaving a House floor that’s totally mucked.

Their problem with Kevin is a lack of trust

And they do not care if they’re viewed with disgust.


McCarthy can’t lead; rebels will not be led.

How long must he rot before he’s declared dead?

If he finally wins, what will he have won?

He’ll be a Trump steak overcooked to “well done.”


Are any Republicans able to win?

Who might pull the GOP from its tailspin?

To find such a person may take quite a while,

They lack a Pelosi their side of the aisle.


Perhaps Steve Scalise?  But he’s like David Duke.

That’s his self-description; it’s not my rebuke.

The House in the hands of today’s KKK?

I cannot imagine that would be OK.


The universe grew out of chaos and heat;

Then, through evolution, to life’s surprise treat.

It seems that just randomness drove us to form.

Republican governance seems to conform.


Some cosmic bad actors formed, known as “black holes.”

Like black holes, the rebels don’t seem to have goals.

They’re both really dense and no light radiates.

Instead, they both suck, their most dominant traits.


It’s clear that Republicans richly deserve

This fate, for they came to obstruct, not to serve.

Their voters do too; when you send Gaetz and Greene,

You can’t be surprised at this chaotic scene.