January 4, 2023, Speaker Kevin McCarthy?

January 4, 2023, Speaker Kevin McCarthy?


With the asses he kissed left unsatisfied,

The Kevin for Speaker bid seems to have died.

The Never McCarthy group just will not yield,

The fate of poor Kevin looks like it’s been sealed.


His run to be Speaker digested to shit,

McCarthy has stubbornly said he won’t quit.

Positions he’s promised and deals that he made

Did not buy the product for which he had paid.


Republicans just cannot get organized;

Their internal rot cannot be minimized.

Expressing no principles but lust for power,

They spread fertilizer, not seeds that can flower.


Constipated right wingers, now blue in the face,

Hold their breath in a tantrum, pleasing their base.

Non-functional government may be their goal,

So bigotry’s free to express its dark soul.


It’s easy to see it’s a personal beef

That sailed the Republican ship on a reef.

Some say that McCarthy has told lies to them

(George Santos is there and they’re OK with him.)


Paralysis on the Republican side

Will likely go on after Kevin is fried.

Don’t think constipation reduces bullbleep;

There are other pores through which BS may seep.


When even the Foxists call this a clown show,

You know that Republicans plumbed a new low.

The whole country’s watching them on the commode

And their deep septic tank has now overflowed.


So, who can Republicans put up instead?

With whom might the dissidents get into bed?

But… Gaetz, Greene, and Boebert may carry disease.

If you lie down with dogs, you’ll get up with fleas.