December 27, George Santos, R, New York

December 27, George Santos, R, New York


George Santos is a liar, like a clone of Donald Trump.

He was elected handily; his lies worked on the stump.

George falsified his resume’; he’s just the kind of guy

Republicans are used to now, supporting Trump’s Big Lie.


What do you do when there are voters who say, “Lie to me.”?

“Don’t tell me facts but tell me what I want the facts to be.”

That’s easy; give them what they want and they will vote for you.

Some voters do not care for honesty, or what is true.


The Santos resume’ stood out for its audacity,

His disregard for truth: astonishing mendacity.

The Democrats knew some of this but did not publish it.

But, even if they did, would Santos’ voters give a shit?


The House may vote to not seat George but we doubt if they will.

Republicans are used to candidates in sewer swill.

George Santos has admitted using, “A poor choice of words,”

For all the false claims he has made and enmity incurred.


He’s not a college graduate, was not at Goldman Sachs.

And, damn near everything he claimed was just not based on facts.

The most outrageous was his claim that stunk like rotting fish:

He meant to hyphenate his “Jewish” claim to read, “Jew-ish.”


Although his CV’s fraudulent, George said, “I’m not a fraud.”

But George has shown his fraudulence has been spread deep and broad.

Though politicians shade the truth, most show it some respect.

But right now, with Republicans, lies spread almost unchecked.


Long Island and Queens voters sent George Santos to the House.

Republicans will seat him; they see no need to delouse.

They need another vote assuring that no bills will pass

The only thing we’ll see and hear is Trumpists passing gas.


Is man a rotten species or are lies a property

Evolving with intelligence, a useful faculty

For gaining higher status, domination of a group…

For leadership sometimes depends on just whom you can dupe.