January 31, Trump’s Texas Rally (parody to ‘The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You’)

 January 31, Trump’s Texas Rally  (1)

January 31, Trump’s Texas Rally

Trump held a rally down in Texas,

Pushing his Big Lie.

Unmasked, unvaccinated Texans,

How many more will die?

He’ll pardon Capitol invaders

For prosecution is unfair.

He’s telegraphing his intentions;

America, beware.


Trump charges Biden won by cheating;

There’s no evidence.

So Trump relied upon sedition;

(He should have hanged Mike Pence.)

Trump had a bunch of false electors

But everyone has been exposed.

And now, who’s risking implication

When they are all deposed?


As Donald’s holding all his rallies,

We watch Covid spread.

Infecting all his loyal voters,

Now more and more are dead.

His party is suppressing voting

Aiming for blacks, browns, and the young.

So, even though they kill their voters,

Trump’s swansong is not sung.


Trump, crippled by his narcissism;

Can’t accept defeat.

True Trumpists relish Donald’s lying;

The truth cannot compete.

What will they do if he’s indicted,

Can he run while he’s doing time?

Will they try one more insurrection,

Supporting crime with crime?


  • May be sung to “The Eyes of Texas Are Upon You” which is sung to the original tune of “I’ve Been Working on the Railroad.)