January 30, Donald’s Fundraisers

January 30, Donald’s Fundraisers


I get fundraising emails from the Trumpster every day.

I know he thinks I’m stupid from the stuff he has to say.

He calls me his “supporter,” though I know that I am not.

For, why should I support him with the mess that Donald wrought?


I think I must be on a list of those who’ve given dough

To candidates, mine on the left, for Trump a fatal blow.

It’s quite uncomplimentary to those in Donald’s base,

Persuaded by his blandishments, absurd upon their face.


Inducements range from “deadlines,” to a football Donald signed,

To airline flights, to rallies, to be housed and wined and dined,

(Though those are just a lottery.)  Does anybody win?

Some other stuff is just for sale; so send those dollars in.


Trump’s income from these emails has now topped one hundred mil.

Ex president, now beggar, that must be a bitter pill,

But not so bitter when you think that all Trump has to do

Is ask for money; suckers send it; Trump says, “Whoop dee do!”


So Trump is raking money in, just like evangelists.

Do we think that the Donald might have bought their donor lists?

They gave to Jerry Falwell; now Donald shears the flock.

And Donald thinks I’m in that group?  My self-respect’s in shock.


When Donald was in real estate, he had to buy and sell.

Now all he does is ask for cash; so far it’s going well.

The kind of pitch he makes proves that he thinks we’re not too bright.

A hundred million dollars proves that he has pegged us right.