January 28, The Tennessee School Board

January 28, The Tennessee School Board


The Tennessee School Board is at it again.

The Scopes Monkey Trial is where we begin:

Convicting John Scopes in nineteen twenty five;

He taught evolution, a most grievous sin.


Evolution a crime, back in twenty five;

Reaction was swift; John Scopes whacked a beehive.

In contrast to theories that scientists tell,

The Bible is true and must be kept alive.


John Scopes taught the theories that Darwin’s books tell;

Species evolution, the Bible’s death knell.

In league with the Devil, John Scopes had to pay.

If students believe him, they’re threatened with hell.


And now let us move on to matters today,

Where Holocaust teaching has caused nerves to fray.

The Tennessee School Board has now banned a book

About mice in Germany in Hitler’s day.


The Tennessee School Board has banned the “Maus” book.  (1)

Some rodents are naked; they can’t bear to look.

The Jews are all mice and the Nazi’s are cats.

The cats are not nice so the book got the hook.


A cruel allegory told with mice and cats,

Bad language, plus students will see naked rats.

Can’t they teach the Holocaust in a nice way?

A way that will please the School Board’s bureaucrats?


  • Maus,” in German is, “mouse.”