January 27, Holocaust Remembrance Day

January 27, Holocaust Remembrance Day


On Holocaust Remembrance Day, what lessons have we learned?

“Six million weren’t enough,” some say.  Six million murdered, burned.

Six million victims turned to ash, souls mixed with smoke and gas.

“Six million weren’t enough,” some say; what’s worse, some let that pass.


“Get over it,” we hear some say, “Now you have your own state,”

(Whom Egypt, Jordan, Syria tried to annihilate.)

Now Hezbollah, Iran, Hamas send rockets every day.

For Israel should not exist, we all have heard them say.


On Holocaust Remembrance Day; old wounds still have not healed.

New wounds inflicted every day, their blood has not congealed.

We hold a mirror to mankind; they don’t like what they see.

Is that what Jews were chosen for, the task for you and me?


On Holocaust Remembrance Day, we think of history,

The sacrifices Jews have made flood into memory.

When life itself becomes the price, we ask, “Is that too high?”

Yet Holocaust Remembrance Day tells us, “Am Israel chai!”