February 1, Insanity Defense?

February 1, Insanity Defense?


If Donald gets indicted for the crimes he’s done,

Might his lawyers counsel, “Let’s plead insanity?”

He must be so deluded to believe he won;

He’s even been admonished by Sean Hannity.


Could Trump’s fragile ego admit that he’s insane,

To avoid conviction and doing prison time?

Is that just too much for his narcissistic brain?

Would that be a mountain too high for Trump to climb?


All possible defenses will most likely fail,

For Donald, at his rallies, told us what he’d planned.

Will fundraising emails be used to pay his bail

And pay for the lawyers for Donald Trump’s Last Stand?


Is Donald’s last, best hope to plead that he’s insane?

Trump is so narcissistic, that he’s clearly nuts.

All of Donald’s speeches make his condition plain.

Leaving just one question: is Trump a schmuck or putz?


So, schmuck or putz or both, like Nixon, Trump’s a crook,

No laws he would not break and he’d break them again.

The facts show there’s no doubt; all one must do is look.

What does this say of us?  We let the bastard in.


Yes, we let Donald in; we knew what he was like:

Threat to democracy: what will we tolerate?

Make Trump our autocrat?  Establish our “Third Reich?”

And the Constitution: what won’t Trump desecrate?