February 2, Trump and Putin

February 2, Trump and Putin


Poor Donald cannot understand he got beat, fair and square.

For, only if he wins, will Donald think a game is fair.

In every aspect of his life, Trump has been known to cheat.

Somehow that’s fair to Donald, although now he’s getting heat.


Are chickens coming home to roost?  Now Trump has been exposed:

His cheating on his taxes and the coup that he proposed.

So, will he be indicted by the states and DOJ?

Not just indicted: tried, convicted, and then put away?


And Putin cannot understand that NATO won’t attack,

For, NATO organized itself to hold the Russians back.

We don’t want any Russian land; we want them to stay there.

Which means, they can’t invade Ukraine.  To Putin, that’s unfair.


Both Trump and Putin are the same; they’re two peas in a pod.

American and Russian, but that should not seem so odd.

Both lie and cheat, break rules and laws, just to achieve their goals,

With narcissism’s evil spirit coursing through their souls.


What can we do with Don and Vlad, disasters running loose?

Democracy is not their style; both think they’re gods like Zeus.

For Don, we have the evidence to put him in a cell.

For Vlad, keep him in Russia; make him live in his own hell.


No rehabilitation’s possible with Vlad and Don.

Both souls are rotten to the core; all hope of cure is gone.

If God is watching, He must need a new optometrist.

Or maybe like us, even God can’t cure a narcissist.