February 3, Biden’s Supreme Court Pick

February 3, Biden’s Supreme Court Pick


Hear Kennedy, Hawley, Wicker, and Cruz  (1)

React in high dudgeon, hearing the news;

Biden’s appointing a woman who’s black

To the Supreme Court; how dare he so choose?


Biden’s appointing a woman who’s black.

These four Republicans lead the attack.

Affirmative action?  Racist at best.  (2)

That’s what you get.  Joe’s a partisan hack.


Republicans pick the brightest and best.

Like Justice Kavanaugh and all the rest

That Trump appointed to dump Roe v Wade.

Joe Biden’s picks cannot pass such a test.


Trump said he’d pick those who’d dump Roe v Wade

Off of a list that the Federalist’s made.  (3)

All were raised Catholic, right wing as well,

With a strict doctrine, that must be obeyed.


Trump named three Catholics, right wing as well.

If doctrine’s flouted, they “know” they’ll risk hell.

So they’ll turn women’s lives to hell instead.

That makes them excellent; (bid Roe farewell.)


Excellence?  Make women’s lives hell instead?

Black women know that; it’s their daily bread.

Shouldn’t that viewpoint be part of the court,

In spite of what right wing senators said?


Select a black woman for the high court.

Brilliance is plentiful in that cohort,

Brighter than senators who are opposed,

That’s what Republicans want to abort.


  • John Kennedy, R, LA; Josh Hawley, R, MO; Roger Wicker, R, MS: “Ted” Cruz, R, TX.
  • Senator Wicker suggested affirmative action as a reason for Biden’s announcement. Ted Cruz was offended by all the white people and males who are being excluded.
  • The Federalist Society developed a list of suitable Supreme Court judges, from which Trump made his nominations.