February 4, Censure of Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney

February 4, Censure of Adam Kinzinger and Liz Cheney


We’ve just heard that the RNC has censured Kinzinger (1)

And Cheney, making headline news.  The reason we infer:

Obeisance insufficiency, their failure to kneel down

And kiss Trump’s (perianal) ring, their noses white, not brown.


As members of the 1-6 probe, they serve democracy,

A grievous sin for Trumpists, who prefer autocracy.

“Legitimate political discourse:” what Trumpists saw?  (2)

On 1-6, we watched live TV; what we saw broke the law.


So, Liz and Adam, working hard to save democracy,

Are labeled as “untouchable” by Donald’s RNC.

The RNC approves of Donald’s criminality,

So do some “Christians,” who ignore his amorality.


Republicans have censured two who will not go along

With all of Donald’s madness; even Pence said Trump was wrong.

So pick the Constitution—which means side with Democrats.

If you support Republicans, you favor autocrats.


The RNC has shown that Donald has a stranglehold

On what’s left of the GOP, which he will now remold

Into a cult of personality, a cult of Trump.

They’ve cast their morals, logic, reason in the city dump.


But Adam, Liz, with girded loins, will carry on the fight.

Can they draw this new GOP from darkness into light?

And, if they fail, will we then see a new pandemic spread,

Until, in 2024, democracy is dead?


  • Adam Kinzinger, R, Illinois and Liz Cheney, R, Wyoming.
  • The censure document published by the RNC referred to the Capitol invasion on 1/6/2021, as “Legitimate political discourse.” They really wrote that down.