February 7, Legitimate Political Discourse?

February 7, Legitimate Political Discourse?


“Legitimate political discourse?”  (1)

To overthrow the government by force,

Is “insurrection,” by its legal name.

And that is a much different colored horse.


Yes, insurrection is the Trumpist game,

To Trump’s believers’ everlasting shame.

Since Donald Trump could not admit defeat,

On Donald’s shoulders squarely falls the blame.


Since narcissists cannot admit defeat,

Poor Donald can’t accept that he got beat.

So he has fabricated his Big Lie:

“For Trump to lose, Joe clearly had to cheat.”


So Donald Trump is telling his Big Lie,

Requiring true believers to deny

The fact that Donald’s claims lack evidence.

But in Trump’s world, the truth does not apply.


Since Donald has produced no evidence,

Republicans who speak in his defense,

Are showing that they lack brains and a spine,

And Donald’s new detractor is—-Mike Pence.


The RNC lacks brains and lacks a spine.

The phrase they chose, a diagnostic sign.

“Legitimate political discourse,”

Humiliates them when they fall in line.


  • The phrase the Republican National Committee used to describe the violent assault on the Capitol on January 6, 2021.