February 9, Science and Our Beliefs

February 9, Science and Our Beliefs


It’s hard to trust a scientist who tells you that you’re wrong.

And science does that quite a lot, an old familiar song.

Creation started with a Bang!  Then, in eons of time,

Our life on Earth emerged, evolved from abiotic slime.


And then, when life spread out to humans, we asked, “How?” and “Why?”

We told religious stories: gods below and gods on high.

We have Judeo-Christian stories; which the Hindus doubt,

But then we thought up science, our best way of finding out.


We do experiments that put ideas to the test;

We keep the ones that fit the data and discard the rest.

We understand diseases better, learned to vaccinate,

And proved its value, something anti-vaxxers still debate.


Most people do not understand laws of biology

Or epidemiology or immunology.

So, in pandemics they first turn to those whom they believe;

Who often are not scientists but quacks who may deceive.


The clergy are more likely to believe what they proclaim.

The politicians much less so, for truth is not their game.

And scientists, as data flow, will often change their mind.

So naturally, the public is confused and in a bind.


Though lying’s part of politics, our scientists don’t lie.

Religious folks may trust their faith which science may defy.

Eventually, (it may take years,) the data win the day,

Though faith and politics cost lots of lives along the way.


So science, politics, and faith: each of these has its place.

While science finds how nature works; the others don’t keep pace.

So, in a battle with a virus, when all don’t agree,

It’s best to trust the scientists; they’ll win the victory.