February 10, Putin and NATO

February 10, Putin and NATO


Vlad Putin wants to bring Ukraine back under his control.

To keep Ukraine from joining NATO is his stated goal.

Surrounding Ukraine with his troops, Vlad’s now poised to invade.

But everyone’s uncertain as to further plans he’s made.


Since Vlad no longer has Trump as a tool that he can use

To weaken NATO from the inside, bully and confuse,

He thought NATO was weaker but he’s finding that it’s not.

Might he bite more than he can chew?  Might this borscht be too hot?


If Putin can’t sell oil and gas, his country will go broke:

The quality of Russian manufactured goods: a joke.

Nobody wants to buy them; everybody takes a pass.

Which means that Putin’s only choice is just keep passing gas.


So Putin’s in a quandary: if he invades Ukraine,

And Germany stops buying gas, can Vlad explain the pain

To all “his” Russian people, who aren’t happy anyway?

And then to the Ukrainians, who won’t want him to stay?


To fear outside aggression, Putin’s being paranoid.

Back home, with free elections, he just might be unemployed.

He must distract “his people” from their own economy;

Perhaps turn their attention to a foreign “enemy.”


So, Vlad is threatening Ukraine and blaming it on us.

He’s testing NATO, testing Biden, making quite a fuss.

Will Vlad soon dine on Chicken Kiev or might he still back off

And go back home to Moscow, sticking with Beef Stroganoff?