February 11, Trump on a Tear

February 11, Trump on a Tear


Trump liked to tear up documents though he was told, “No, no!”

Nefariousness they exposed, he wants no one to know.

He used no shredders for this work; he ripped stuff up by hand,

Displaying tantrum qualities, so true to Donald’s brand.


We’ve learned from Maggie Haberman, Trump’s toilet was stuffed up

With papers Donald clearly wanted thoroughly roughed up.

Torn up, then dumped, then dumped on by the Donald’s G. I. tract,

What did they say that merited this gross and final act?


What was Trump trying to conceal or trying to elude?

What foul deeds documented that deserved an end so crude?

Then, what of other documents Trump put in bags to burn?

Does that show consciousness of guilt?  How much more might we learn?


All presidential documents, by law, must be preserved.

Do violations mean that prosecution is deserved?

Most of his life, regarding laws, Trump did not care one bit.

But when laws might expose his deeds; then Donald gives a shit.