February 12, Darwin’s Birthday (1)

February 12, Darwin’s Birthday (1)


Evolution gradually produced humankind,

With both the pale-skinned and permanently tanned kind,

The tall, short, fat, thin, strong, weak, bright brains, (and the dim;)

Just mutation, selection produced all of them.


It was first Charlie Darwin who pointed this out.

And it’s still the religious, right-wingers who doubt.

And Trumpists in general, resistant to facts,

So they suffer as victims of liars and quacks.


Since Charles Darwin explained how all life speciates,

With variation in how each kind cogitates,

We now understand that not all humans are smart

And some cannot interpret the curves on a chart.


So how can facts win out where the bullshitters reign?

Those who piss on your leg and then tell you it’s rain?

Variation in brains, just one problem we face,

We must add simple stubbornness in the Trump base.


On each Darwin Birthday, we are forced to admit

Variation’s the rule; not all equally fit.

But they still reproduce, both the dim and the bright;

And the battle goes on ‘twixt the darkness and light.


Evolution has made us; can it tell us how

To deal with the challenge that variants allow?

Mutation, selection are Charles Darwin’s clear rules.

But we’re missing a selective force against fools.


  • February 12, 1809 was Charles Darwin’s (and Abraham Lincoln’s) birthday.