February 14, Doping Scandal

February 14, Doping Scandal


Kamila Valieva has flunked a drug test.

Drugs help genes and training make athletes the best.

The Russian athletic tradition is: cheat.

Their pharmacies give athletes more strength and zest.


Their pharmacies help Russian athletes to cheat;

Weight lifters grow stronger, their runners more fleet.

And not just in Russia, it’s done everywhere.

But most athletes stop just before they compete.


We know that sports doping goes on everywhere,

With all kinds of tricks to mask drugs that are there.

Though she flunked a test, Valieva can skate,

Suggesting the IOC judges don’t care.


If, after her hearing, Kamila can skate,

The IOC standards don’t carry much weight.

The ruling says medal awards are delayed,

Which leaves us all asking why she has to wait.


She’s skating but medal awards are delayed,

Which leaves us to ask what game is being played.

Must Valieva sit and wait for her gold

‘Til further financial arrangements are made?