January 22, 49th Anniversary of Roe v Wade

January 22, 49th Anniversary of Roe v Wade


Must we all wave goodbye to Roe v Wade

And to our women’s reproductive choice?

Religious, right-winger beliefs pervade

In Donald’s Supreme Court, which gives them voice.


Right wingers, Catholics: plus judges Trump chose,

(Though Gorsuch might be Episcopal now,)

At six to three, they will likely dispose

Of Roe v Wade, which they all disavow.


Religious concepts are used to support

State governments’ bans on abortion care.

Why wasn’t this point explained to the Court?

Religious prejudice would be laid bare.


Establishment of concepts from the Pope,

Which will take away women’s right to choose,

Will put us all on a slippery slope;

Ask yourself, what other rights might we lose?