January 21, Changing Voting Rules

January 21, Changing Voting Rules


You do not change the voting rules because you think you’re winning.  (1)

You change the voting rules because you think that you’re beginning

To lose elections to the party with whom you’re competing

And think that now your only hope is—try to win by cheating.


Republicans are changing rules in states now turning bluer.

Too many blacks and browns are voting; they must be made fewer.

Republicans think winning chances would be made much brighter

If they assured electorates in Red States were kept whiter.


The first step to keep voters whiter: blocking registrations.

In Texas they’re rejecting half of mail-in applications.

In all the Red States they have been reducing voting places

But only in Black precincts and they do it with bald faces.


The Senate has been paralyzed on passing rights for voters.

The motives of two Democrats exude suspicious odors.

It’s no surprise Republicans are firm in opposition.

Could Sinema’s and Manchin’s bank accounts stand exposition?  (2)


Since most of this was caused by Donald’s narcissistic lying,

It’s just disgusting we must watch as voting rights are dying,

Especially with Donald’s criminality emerging,

As federal and state investigations are converging.


The vise on Donald’s testicles is squeezing ever tighter.

We don’t know the result but Donald’s face is blanching whiter.

Trish James has shown us all, that she now has the “goods” on Donnie.  (3)

They show that Trump’s defrauding banks, a modern Clyde and Bonnie.  (4)


  • Stuart Stevens, former GOP strategist, on MSNBC, January 20, 2022.
  • The motives for Sinema and Manchin to side with the Republicans on this issue are puzzling to most pundits.
  • Trish James is the New York state attorney general.
  • Bonnie Parker and Clyde Barrow were two romanticized bank robbers during the Great Depression. They were eventually ambushed and shot dead by officers in Louisiana in May, 1934.