January 24, McConnell’s Republican Principles

January 24, McConnell’s Republican Principles


Whatever Democrats are for, McConnell is against,

A statement of his principles, straightforward and condensed.

When some reporter asked him what Republicans are for,

Mitch couldn’t tell us anything but read on, there is more.


When asked about suppressing votes, Mitch said, “No problem there.”

“Blacks vote just like Americans, which shows that voting’s fair.”

Blacks vote just like Americans?  (Implying they are not?)

Did Mitch say what is in his heart, what his mind really thought?


His office tried to clean that up; the damage, though, was done.

McConnell’s public Freudian slip now cannot be undone.

To think of blacks as second class is common on the right.

Concluding Mitch meant what he said is very likely right.


McConnell’s very careful as he crafts what he will say,

Including when denying what he just said yesterday.

So Mitch McConnell puts the nation’s character on trial.

What do we stand for and support?  And what should boil our bile?


Equality, democracy are now under attack.

Reality and science, Tony Fauci or a quack?

Facebook misinformation or a real expert’s advice?

Right now is stupid winning?  If so, what will be the price?


Will we deny a woman private reproductive choice,

Or let religious zealots make the rules and then rejoice?

Support the vaccine science or false anti-vaxxer claims,

(Disguised as anti-mandate freedom,) liars playing games?


Who really tried to steal the vote?  (Hint: not the Democrats.)

What’s good about societies when run by autocrats?

No principles but power: all else thrown beneath the bus;

McConnell symbolizes most of what is wrong with us.