January 21, Republican Insanity

January 21, Republican Insanity


Republicans today are captured by insanity,

By Donald’s narcissism and Santos’ mendacity.

Republicans seem to prefer the rule of autocrats,

Which makes their greatest enemy today the Democrats.


The problem with democracy is sometimes you get beat.

It’s therefore no surprise that narcissists might try to cheat.

Desire for power motivates a narcissist to lie

And Donald Trump has proven that he’s just that kind of guy.


Both narcissists and liars may “embellish” resume’s.

Which plants a field of claims through which the working press may graze.

The longer that they graze, the more cow plops they may sniff out,

Which turns the fields of claims into the stormy seas of doubt.


The resume’ of Santos has become that roiling sea;

His CV is a sea of lies, as everyone can see.

The only claim that may be true is George is really gay.

But all the rest is false and we find new lies every day.


Republicans now lose elections that they used to win,

As voters tire of being ruled by old, white, Christian men.

Though Donald is no Christian, evangelical support

Is staying strong, perhaps the Donald’s most “true-red” cohort.


Surprisingly, he gets a pass for immorality,

Which doesn’t seem to track with rules of Christianity.

Since Trump appointed judges overturned Roe versus Wade,

The Donald gets a pass for all the women he has laid.


But sadly, no one seems to like George Santos any more.

Most seem to recognize that he is rotten to the core.

But Donald’s just as rotten; so back to insanity:

Does that cause evangelical pro-Trump affinity?