January 22, The Santos Nose  (Parody to “Rock of Ages”)

January 22, The Santos Nose  (Sing to “Rock of Ages”)


Have you seen the Santos nose,

Rivaling Pinocchio’s?

Everything George says is lies,

As by now, all realize.

Since McCarthy needs his vote,

George’s boat is still afloat.


Nothing Santos says is true;

Most egregious: he’s a Jew;

9-11 killed his mom.

Both lies told with great aplomb.

Telling lies is now OK?

I guess Donald cleared the way.


Santos should disgust us all.

Kevin still won’t make the call.

His committee makes the case;

George will serve on “Science, Space…”

Science is a search for facts;

George’s view of facts is lax.


George and Donald now compete,

Of all liars, the elite.

Donald known for his Big Lie,

George’s lies still multiply.

They define Republicans,

Right along with God and guns.


It would seem Republicans

Think that true Americans

Should be white and Christian men;

To be “other” is a sin.

Should a lie advance their cause,

They will greet it with applause.


George and Donald’s flaming pants

Clearly helped them both advance.

Now their bills are coming due.

Let’s see what next they will do.

Will they both trip on their nose,

Rivaling Pinocchio’s?