January 19, The Debt Limit

January 19, The Debt Limit


Republicans don’t give a shit about the debt unless

A Democrat is president, which causes great distress.

Today we’ve reached the limit of the debt we may incur.

And we’re in danger of default, thus ruffling right-wing fur.


McCarthy made some deals about the limit of the debt.

He’ll hold the nation hostage, just to see what he can get.

His plan is: we’ll default if we don’t make more spending cuts

To bills already authorized (which experts say is nuts.)


His plan will cut some programs for our poor and for our health,

So he can give more tax breaks to the rich, to pad their wealth.

And cut the military; no more help goes to Ukraine,

For all this stuff is tainted by the socialism stain.


McCarthy wants to squeeze concessions out of the White House.

And, if he can’t, he’ll find himself in his right-wing’s doghouse.

They might vote to “vacate the chair;” then Kevin will be gone,

His tenure as the Speaker of the House, flushed down the john.


“Economists” like Boebert, Gohmert, Gosar, Gaetz, and Greene

View this as their big chance to get on every TV screen.

It’s likely they cannot define what the debt limit is;

But now they are celebrities like being in show biz.


Poor Kevin is trapped in between his power avidity

And crippling deals with his right wing: his own stupidity.

To lead, he has to kneel down to the crazies in his base.

Is crippling US credit the best way he can save face?


When dealing with DeVolder, Barron, and our country’s debt, (1)

If Kevin gets the feeling that his shorts are getting wet,

Perhaps he should consider that it’s time for bailing out;

He cannot do the Speaker’s job; he gave away his clout.


  • Anthony DeVolder and John Barron are two other names that have been used by George Santos and Donald Trump in various activities.