January 18, Evangelical Support for Trump

Why is Trump God’s Chosen One if you’re Evangelical?
They cannot argue that the life Trump leads is biblical.
Are they content to have a leader so unethical,
And one who is so predisposed to be tyrannical?

Does Trump view them as “suckers” who are easily deceived?
So easy to deceive because of myths they all believe?
How is it that Trump’s wickedness has been so misperceived?
Why does diverse society make “Christians” feel aggrieved?

So, let’s ask evangelicals, “Are you all really sure
That your support for Donald Trump should be your soupe du jour?
Your choice makes you look foolish and suggests there is no cure,
And that the rest of us think that you’re full of Trump’s manure?

When have you ever seen your hero turn the other cheek?
When have you ever heard the truth, when you’ve heard Donald speak.?
When has he shown he cares for those among the poor and weak?”
Support for Trump suggests your mind’s, delusional and weak.

“Are you aware that you’re committing gross hypocrisy?
Are you aware that most of what Trump claims is fallacy?
Are you aware support of Trump depends on fantasy,
And that his criminality will be Trump’s legacy?”

Despite all this, the Evangelicals give Trump support
And willfully ignore his crimes in every news report.
He’s shown us that he thinks that tax evasion is a sport.
And now for all his misdeeds, he has been hauled into court.

So, why is Trump so favored by the Evangelical?
Are Trumpists in their congregations hypocritical?
Will their regard for facts and truth remain so minimal?
That they’ll bring our democracy to its sad funeral?