GMB videos on YouTube

You can now view a few recent videos of Steve’s band on YouTube by searching for Galapagos Mountain Boys. You will find the first one from our recording session in the studio back in 2008- “Panderin With Palin.” New ones are: “It’s Just Gas” from one of the CDs, “Galileo Galilei,” “Darwin On His Toast,” “Pond Scum Waltz,” another Sarah Palin tribute called “Sarah Palin – Don’t Know Much” to that old rock and roll favorite, and “Girls All Get Prettier At Closing Time” about the newest discovery that Cro-Magnon and Neanderthal mixed genes a long time ago.

If you are fans of Facebook and want to comment on a couple of the videos, there are two on the Galapagos Mountain Boys Facebook page (search: Galapagos Mountain Boys) – “Darwin On His Toast” and “Galileo Galilei.”