The Party of the Rich Folks

Since Steve has been prolifically writing songs lately and not performing much, he has time to venture into political satire once again. To understand the upcoming California election in November, consider this poem not yet set to music:

The party of the rich folks is at it once again.
This time there’s a wrinkle; it isn’t rich white men.
Now it’s Meg and Carly who lead the GOP –
Vintage Bordeaux drinkers now pretending to like tea.

Carly’s multi-millions and Meg’s cool billion more
Buy them advertising to say what they stand for.
They want lower taxes so they’ll keep what they’ve got.
They’ll cut regulations so their own stocks gain a lot.

They’ll cut institutions like the welfare they don’t need.
They can fire some teachers; they’ve already learned to read.
Though neither one has voted, they’ve been thinking to be fair;
Meg thinks she can buy your votes and Carly thinks of hair.

Vote for Fiorina and Meg election day!
They’ll fix California and fix the USA.
Now the party’s open as everyone can see,
Even for Latinos, they will have them serve the tea.
Even for Latinos, if they have the right I.D.