Find us on i-Tunes

You can find us by using the iTunes “Search Music Store” tool:

  • Locate our music in the store
  • View the album art
  • See our band name and album name
  • Listen to 30 seconds of any song on our album as a stream
  • Buy individual songs or our entire album

The primary way to find music on iTunes is to use the Search Music Store function. Simply type in the name of an artist, album or song and look though the results until you find what you are looking for.

Of course, if you want the real thing, go to our on-line store and buy the CD. We try to get the CDs out the same day as the order comes in so you can enjoy The Galapagos Mountain Boys right away. Please remember that we also have 4 other CDs with different songs, different themes and different configurations of musicians in the band. We try to make science fun and funny yet educational. We are the only gospel music that might get you or your children a higher grade in a science course!