Because The Earth Is Tilted Concert

The songs at the Because The Earth Is Tilted concert will eventually be recorded, but in December you will be able to hear things like “Because The Earth Is Tilted” – the real reason for the Season! Since Scientific Gospel cannot abide sappy songs of drivel, you might hear “Sing Me A Song Of Cosmic Significance.” Of course we all want to know, “Do You Think We’re Alone?” If Steve can keep from being tongue-tied, you’ll hear “Dactylic Tetrameter Universe!” Of course, the standard in Steve’s repertoire, “Bang! There Was Light,” will probably open the show. “Is There Life On Mars?” and “Water On Mars” will be featured since the USA is now speaking about sending a man to Mars after celebrating the 40th anniversary of our landing on the Moon. We will also honor The Year of Astronomy with “A Glimpse of Heaven.” The concert would not be complete without “The Stars At Night” which has been performed in past years by guest sopranos to the tune of “O Holy Night.” This is not the only Christmas carol or religious hymn that has been converted to Scientific Gospel, so you might hear “How It All Began” to “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing,” and “SETI” to “Softly and Tenderly.” Being true to the concepts of Scientific Gospel, I suppose they will have to perform “Gods Of Other Planets” A fitting end to this concert might include “There’s A Big Black Hole In Heaven” that we all might get sucked into and then “There Ain’t Gonna Be No Judgment Day.”

The concert will be performed at the Palomar Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, 1600 Buena Vista Drive, in the Shadowridge section of Vista on Saturday, December 19, 2009. At this time, the concert is scheduled for the afternoon, but as the date gets closer, we will have an exact time for you.