And For THIS You Expect A PhD?! on i-Tunes

And For THIS You Expect A PhD?! will be available on I-Tunes Mid-March 2009. You can purchase one song, several or the whole album that way. If you want the real CD with the liner notes you may still have to come here to this website to purchase it because I was not guaranteed that iTunes would include the liner notes. The CD will be carried in the USA, Canada, Australia, England and Europe iTunes catalogs. Be sure to tell your friends that they can now get Scientific Gospel tunes without every having to leave their computer. This CD is the second release in honor of the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin’s birth. Included are songs about the not-so-intelligent design of the universe, heroes of science, and some ballads about our disregard for this planet Earth that will lead to disaster if we do not change our ways. As with “Darwin, Darn It!”, we are proud to feature cousin Jimmy Abraham, this time doing a talking blues about a traffic accident between a “Darwinist” and a “Creationist” in Del Mar, California which is almost true. We hope you enjoy these songs and a few others that accompany them from previous recordings.