February 6, Anti Woke, Anti CRT

February 6, Anti Woke, Anti CRT


The AP history of blacks makes Ron DeSantis mad.

Since Ron DeSantis doesn’t want to make white kids feel bad.

Let black folks be uncomfortable, the way it’s always been,

With power right where it belongs, the hands of old, white men.


There’ll be no sensitivity for how someone might feel

If poor, dark-skinned, or immigrant; no problems there to heal.

You can’t be “woke” in Florida.  “That’s where “woke” goes to die,” (1)

Thus says DeSantis in his quest to be the bigot’s guy.


And teachers can’t teach CRT, no kind of theory (2)

That racial bias may exist in our society.

Again, white students might feel bad at what our country’s done:

Designed by white males for white males and not for everyone.


Republicans require the bigot vote or they can’t win,

As Ron DeSantis knows full well; that’s why he’s gone all in.

Ron might not be a bigot but he knows how bigots think,

Which makes his current words and acts take on a slimy stink.


When Margie Taylor Greene expounds, she might have this defense:

She really isn’t very bright; that’s why she makes no sense.

But Ron attended Yale and Harvard; no excuse for him.

For neither one admits a class with scrambled brains or dim.


Though those who court the bigot vote, from Ron to Margie Greene,

Range widely in their IQ points, we smell the same gangrene.

The principles of “woke” and CRT are clearly true;

If you’re supporting Marge or Ron, what does that say of you?


  • “Woke,” American slang meaning: aware of and actively attentive to important societal facts and issues (especially issues of race and social justice.)
  • CRT, Critical Race Theory: a set of ideas holding that racial bias is inherent in many parts of western society, especially in its legal and social institutions, because they were primarily designed and implemented by white people, mostly men.