February 8, The Balloon and Other Gas

February 8, The Balloon and Other Gas


We just shot down a Chinese spy balloon.

Republicans all sang a doomsday tune.

They say that Joe was weak

To let it peek all week

And they expect Joe’s resignation soon.


Balloons spied thrice when Trump was president.

And he did nothing at each incident.

Did Xi think he could peek,

Since Joe was just as weak?

It seems that Xi was overconfident.


And in Congressional news….


Now, Ilhan Omar’s off Foreign Affairs,

To show us all how much McCarthy cares

For feelings of the Jews,

So, why does he excuse

“Space laser” Greene when her Jew hatred flares?


Swalwell and Schiff are off Intelligence,

For Trump’s impeachment a just recompense?

McCarthy sold his soul

He’s dug himself a hole

Kowtowing to his Trumpist audience.


With Kevin, right wing craziness ballooned;

The instruments of government detuned.

The craziness they wreak

Makes Kevin’s bladder leak

As all his Speaker’s powers have been pruned.


Republican lawmakers release gas

Along with bovine feces, crude and crass.

Put it in a balloon

And send it to Kowloon,

They’ll dare not pop it as they watch it pass.