February 3, The Debt Limit Crisis

February 3, The Debt Limit Crisis


Are Republican goals just slowing things up

Or are they intending on blowing things up?

The debt limit crisis is foolish, at best;

Or is it malignant, and not just a test?


Republicans tell us that they want to cut

But won’t be specific when they’re asked, “Cut what?”

We’re all left to guess what the MAGAts might raid…

Such programs like Medicare and Medicaid?


Some right-wingers say, “No more funds for Ukraine,”

“Screw NATO, help Putin inflicting more pain.”

But we are guessing; McCarthy can’t say;

Because of the power he has given away.


They are punishing Omar, Swalwell, and Schiff,

Removed from committees, they’re acting as if

Their “crimes” were as heinous as Gosar and Greene.

Although Margie’s and Paul’s were sick and obscene.


Greene’s brand of Jew hatred is “normal,” today,

Gosar tweeting of murder: also OK.

It’s “Jewish space lasers,” and, “kill AOC,”

And driving the country to bankruptcy.


With financial havoc and owning the libs,

Supporting George Santos and all of his fibs,

McCarthy’s Republicans, are on a roll,

The MAGAt majority, taking its toll.