February 25, Economic Sanctions

February 25, Economic Sanctions


Can all our sanctions eventually stop Russia’s Bear?

Are there some sanctions that Vladimir just cannot bear?

Putin and cronies hide ill-gotten gains overseas,

These are the kind of investments that governments seize.


Our banks run laundries to help Russians wash their cash clean,

Partners in crime for the fees that they hope they may glean.

Russians buy stocks, bonds, CDs, and, of course, real estate.

Often unnoticed by purchased blind eyes from the State.


Real estate purchased?  Does that bring a name to your mind,

Rich claim of profits, a prominent family mined?

Not strictly kosher, it seems not all taxes were paid.

Evidence so far suggests shady games being played.


So, freeze the assets of Vladimir’s powerful friends,

Knowing full-well what to take such an action portends.

Who knows what others have been eating Vlad’s caviar?

Some of whom, act as if Putin is their commissar.


What about Vladimir’s personal, hidden reserves?

(Hundreds of billions of dollars, if memory serves.)

Freezing those assets should also be something we do.

That should teach Vladimir sometimes his bills will come due.


What about travel?  Can Putin be sent to his room?

Keep him in Russia; it’s huge and there’s plenty of room.

Take all his money and don’t let him travel abroad.

Make him an outcast that no one would ever applaud.