February 24, Invasion

February 24, Invasion


Democracy is messy but Tsar Vladimir is why

We must reject autocracy, though guys like Donald try,

To be dictators just like Vlad or maybe Xi Jinping.

Perhaps Trump might be satisfied if we just made him king.


Today Tsar Vladimir launched his invasion of Ukraine.

And why?  Because he wants it “back,” the booty of his reign.

“Restore the Russian Empire,” has been Putin’s stated goal.

He cares not what the cost may be, not even the death toll.


The problem for democracies is how to answer back,

Just economic sanctions, or an armed counterattack?

A democratic leader must care how the people feel

But autocrats do not; Ukraine is Vladimir’s next meal.


Absurdity flows easily through a dictator’s mind.

If you ask psychoanalysts, who knows what they might find?

Vlad says that he’ll “denazify” Ukraine. That’s worth the cost.

(Zelensky’s Jewish family perished in the Holocaust.)


Such facts don’t matter if you’re a malignant autocrat

Or wannabe who just got beaten by a Democrat.

Or Tucker Carlson and the other anchors at Fox News,

Where facts may be “alternative,” and truth, just to abuse.


Let Putin pile up bodies like cold cuts at a buffet.

The chef‘s a “genius,” that’s what we all heard the Donald say.

“Why shouldn’t we root for the Russians?” Tucker Carlson said.

And let Vlad dine on Chicken Kyiv, surrounded by his dead? (1)


  • “Vlad the Impaler,” or Vlad Dracula, ca 1428-1477, was said to impale his enemies on stakes and then have dinner surrounded by his dead enemies.