February 23, Putin’s a Genius

February 23, Putin’s a Genius


When Donald called Putin a “genius.”

What good did he think that would do?

Are these two men’s minds homogeneous?

Is Donald rejoining Vlad’s crew?


We know that they’re both narcissistic,

With souls absent or black as coal.

Aggression a characteristic

And self-aggrandizement their goal.


But Putin has been more successful,

And both favor autocracy.

Rejection of Donald was stressful

The risk of a democracy.


The threat of self-determination

Now motivates Vlad in Ukraine.

Rejection of Trump by our nation

Caused Donald extreme psychic pain.


And then, we hear Fox News’s Tucker,

Who questions, “Who’s our enemy?”

Does Vladimir think, “He’s a sucker,

“An idiot, useful to me?”


Two narcissists, one a dictator,

The other, just a wannabe.

They’re both representing the nadir

Of what humankind ought to be.