February 22, Putin Invades

February 22, Putin Invades


He called it “peacekeeping” but Putin invaded Ukraine.

He’s pissing on them and he’s telling us all it is rain.

What will our response be?  It seems Vladimir does not care.

The threat of harsh sanctions has not kept the Bear in its lair.


He’s made up excuses, pretenses that we don’t believe,

A tangled historical web that he weaves to deceive.

He claims “rightfully,” the Ukraine should return to his sphere

To buffer ‘gainst NATO, whom Putin has reason to fear.


How can Europe fight?  First they have to stop buying his gas

And shut down the pipeline through which Putin’s gas has to pass.

He runs a gas station, so Putin must sell gas and oil.

If he can’t pass his gas, then Vladimir’s kishke’s will roil.  (1)


Without Russian gas, Europeans must find new supplies.

We’ll have to send tankers; expect our own prices to rise.

We must gird our loins until Putin’s false flags have been furled.

Until then, there’ll be sacrifices all over the world.


Go after the money of oligarchs and Russian banks;

Freeze funds in the West held in dollars, euros, and Swiss francs.

And make rubles worthless, so no one will use them in trade.

Make all Russians rue the decisions that Vladimir made.


Will Fox News back Putin?  We know Tucker has said he will.

With Trump out of office, now Vladimir has a new shill.

Can we convince Putin that naked aggression won’t pay?

How high must the price go so Vladimir won’t pay to play?


And meanwhile, as Xi sits and watches the game on TV  (2)

And follows the moves of the new Tsar of old Muskovy,

If Tsar Vladimir gets away with the campaign he’s on,

Might Xi then resolve that it’s time for invading Taiwan?


  • Kishkes, Russian and Yiddish for “intestines, guts.”
  • Xi Jinping, the Chinese “President for life.”