February 21, Liberals and Conservatives

February 21, Liberals and Conservatives


A liberal or conservative?  Do you think, “us” or “me?”

Conservative or liberal?  Do you think, “I” or “we?”

Do you think mostly of yourself or of what’s good for all?

When called to help your neighbor, do you hear “my freedom” call?


When books make some uncomfortable, do you support a ban?

Should no one have to face man’s inhumanity to man?

Should white kids not be taught about our present and past sins,

Based on religious differences and colors of our skins?


Should teachers have jobs threatened if some parents might object

To what their kids are learning, though it’s factually correct?

If kids learn of injustice, think about it, disapprove,

What’s wrong with learning that to help America improve?


Discomfort or reality?  It’s both that we must face.

Should we ignore what we have done to those of non-white race?

Our kids will find out anyway and learn we lied to them

And their ancestors do not dwell among the seraphim.


In a pandemic, for the stubborn who won’t vaccinate,

Would you support a vaccination mandate by the state?

May states protect their citizens and stubborn from themselves?

May those of us who know the facts, act to protect ourselves?


And, if the Russians should attack the nation of Ukraine,

And use fictitious reasons for inflicting death and pain,

Do we have an obligation to help our fellow man

Though we don’t know the people there, must we do what we can?


The liberals and conservatives may answer differently.

The welfare of our fellow man, or what’s in it for me?

America was founded for our common interest.

“….promote the general welfare,” means “we” have a common quest.  (1)


  • “…promote the general welfare,” from the Preamble to the Constitution, giving the reasons and responsibilities of “We, the people….” in our new country.