February 20, Invasion?

February 20, Invasion?


Does Putin want to start a war?

Well, he already has.

Must bullets fly and cannons roar?

He won’t need all that jazz.


Cut off their gas, cyber attacks,

Destabilize Ukraine.

Use Donald Trump; feed Fox News “facts,”

And drive the West insane.


Warfare, as it was once defined,

Has changed before our eyes.

Technology has been refined;

The weapons: cyber lies.


We know that Putin likes to kill;

At least, he doesn’t mind.

That makes us pretty sure he will,

Though NATO stays aligned.


Rebuilding Russia’s old empire,

Becoming its new tsar,

Drive Vladimir to fan the fire

And wake a dinosaur.


Can economic sanctions drive

The Bear back in his cave?

If not, can the Ukraine survive

If Putin won’t behave?