February 18, Donald Must Testify

February 18, Donald Must Testify


Donald Trump must be deposed in the New York AG’s probe.

Letitia James may now make Trump, the “Emperor,” disrobe.

Disgusting though the thought may be, when Donald stands unclothed,

It’s likely that we all shall see what ethicists have loathed.


We know that Trump’s accounting firm just said they’re bailing out.

The last ten years of their reports must now be viewed with doubt.

It’s garbage in and garbage out; they say Trump lied to them.

They’re leaving Donald up a tree and sawing off his limb.


So Trump wrote a long statement saying his veracity

Was demonstrated by their act, a clear absurdity.

The judge called that, “preposterous,” (a nice word for “horseshit.”)

Trump’s lawyers cringed, the judge harrumphed, Trump’s thesis: counterfeit.


And Donald’s kids must testify, (they’re also on the hook.)

To find out what they know about the books they helped to cook.

Trump’s bankers now are all entitled to call in each loan.

Collateral is fraudulent; Trump’s cover has been blown.


We know that Donald worships money; money is his god.

To get as much as possible, Trump’s whole life is a fraud.

And now he may lose all of it; his idols may be smashed,

If New York’s AG’s suit leaves Donald’s future bashed and trashed.


With poultry coming home to roost and feces hitting fans,

And vises squeezing his gonads, Trump has to make new plans.

The lies he’s told for his whole life are soon to be revealed;

Both friend and foe alike will watch the “Emperor” get peeled.