February 26, Vladimir’s Delusion

February 26, Vladimir’s Delusion


Is Vladimir the only one who does not understand

Ukrainians don’t want to have the Russians in their land?

Does he not understand that NATO had to organize

A vaccine program so the Russians can’t metastasize?


We know that Putin’s paranoia fears NATO attack.

Apparently that’s why he wants to take the Ukraine back.

But that is simply silly, NATO wants no Russian land.

They just want Russians to stay there and not try to expand.


We also know that Putin doesn’t like democracy.

Instead his preference is to have a strict “Putocracy,” (1)

A government of oligarchs, he, richest of them all,

He knows in fair elections, that he very well may fall.


Democracies, when they’re successful, threaten Vladimir.

Their model says, if Russia’s people finally cohere,

Then, they’ll rise up and throw him out; he knows what they’ll decide.

And, that’s not all, for Putin fears an act of regicide.


So, Putin’s acting crazy; for this might be his last gasp.

For Vladimir, Ukraine may be like Cleopatra’s asp.

But, it’s not just Octavian who wishes he would die.  (2)

All governments hate Putin, (maybe not the Chinese guy.)


And sadly, there are Putinistas here at home as well,

Disciples of the Donald, who is under Putin’s spell.

They’d all prefer autocracy but Donald is too flawed.

If he were their dictator, he’d be known as Trump the Fraud. (3)


  • A “plutocracy” is government by the rich. To best describe Putin’s government, one does not need the “l.”
  • Octavian was Julius Caesar’s adopted son. He and his allies won the Roman civil war following the assassination of Julius.  Marc Antony was on the losing side, allied with Cleopatra VII, of Egypt. After Octavian slew Caesarion, the son of Julius and Cleopatra, he then became the first Roman emperor, Augustus, in 27 BC.  The Roman Republic ended and the Roman Empire began.
  • My favorite monarch’s name was, “Ethelred the Unready,” English king from 978-1016.